Urban TEC stands in the gap to provide digital literacy training and skills development for K-12 students to be prepared for 21st century careers.

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The Birth of Stem

STEM sets the technological base  for which students can build an understanding of

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


STEM teaches critical thinking, but  art was the missing piece.   Art allows students to explore their creative curiosity.... 


STEAM learning  makes students more creative  and empathetic. The same brain pattern that lights up during art, lights up when a  student feels empathy - The STEAM Journal

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This is one of the premiere student conference events for fall 2021. Students will be transformed into a virtual Avatar where they control how they move around in this immersive 3D platform. Students will begin the conference on the rooftop listening to the DJ play sounds to kick-off this unique conference experience. Throughout the conference, student names will be drawn for door prizes that students will enjoy.


Check it out the youtube video below!!