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Brothers In Technology - High School Edition

May 15, 2019 | Missouri Innovation Campus - University of Central Missouri

The Brother's In Technology conference was created as a result of there not being any conferences or opportunity for Black boys, ages 13-18, to be exposed and engaged with STEAM careers. Urban TEC had chaperoned girls from various middle and high schools to events that were targeted to encouraging them to pursue STEAM careers through hands-on engagement sessions and highly-charges activities.

As a result, Urban TEC decided to create the much needed opportunity, especially for Black male students, in the urban core, who were not getting any exposure to 21st century technology, knowledge or skills.

Urban TEC also looked at Microsoft's Mancode initiative whose objective was to reach out to Black and Brown boys to introduce them to technology and encourage the to pursue technology-focused careers.

The Numbers




High school students

High schools

Interactive Workshops

Over 100 high school boys with varying exposure and engagement with technology attended the event.  Kansas City Public Schools sent Black and Hispanic boys from their six high schools to attend the BIT event.   There were a range of STEAM-related activities for the students to engage with which included:

3D Printing

Augmented Reality



Virtual Reality

Wearable Gadgets 

Mechanical Engineering

Computer-Aided Design


Raspberry Pi

Electrical Engineering


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