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What Are                         ?

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Urban TEC STEAM Labs provide elementary school students with a basic understanding of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics - through interactive hands-on activities that help them gain invaluable knowledge, skills and abilities.

Each visit focuses on one topic of STEAM. 

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Why STEAM Labs?

To provide an opportunity for participants to gain more knowledge about STEAM

To facilitate hands-on learning experiences 

To cultivate an interest in STEAM careers

Urban TEC provides all supplies & materials for students to complete the activities/content is integrated as an extension and enrichment to classroom lessons. We believe that this will reinforce subject matter concepts that students are learning. 

Excited Children in Science Class
Students will engage with hands-on lab experiments to understand basic scientific concepts
Students will be introduced to different forms of technology and technological tools
Students will have fun as they learn basic engineering concepts to build projects 
Students will be introduced to artistic activities that will inspire and motivate their creative abilities
Students will experience a variety of activities -both printed and digital- to increase their understanding of basic mathematical operations 
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