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Create a custom interactive booth to attract students to stop by so they can learn more about your organization.


Why be an exhibitor?

This event provides you access to hundreds of engaged students currently thinking about their educational and career future NOW. 


How much is it to be an exhibitor?

The cost is $350 for non-profits, colleges/universities and $500 for corporations.

What will you get for being an exhibitor?

Exhibit Booth's have the following features:

  • Display Screen (share screen, upload PowerPoint, play pre-recorded videos)

  • Direct Booth Interaction - attendee to booth manager

  • 1:1 Conversations

  • Group conversations/demos

  • Attendees can opt in to be contacted through booth kiosk

  • Booth analytics - name and email for lead generation

  • Use kiosk to link to website, landing page, white papers - any URL

  • Customized college, career, corporate and trade association brand/colors

  • Prize giveaways

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