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Middle and High School Edition 



MAY 12, 2022

Middle and High School Students

Online Technology Sessions


MAY 13, 2022

For High School Students Only

College Exhibit Hall and Career Fair

Why attend this virtual event?

  • Learn from education technology thinkers and innovators who are ready to help you shape your knowledge, skills and abilities in STEAM.

  • Connect with fellow students, presenters and exhibitors


  • Move around, as an Avatar, in an fully immersed 3D Platform

  • "Walk" through an Exhibit Hall as you attend a virtual the College & Career Fair

  • To interact with employers to learn more about careers in STEAM.

Urban TEC’s Technology, College and Career Virtual Event
will expose and engage middle and high school students

On Day 1, middle and high school students can attend up to three technology sessions to learn more about different STEAM topics such as:

  • Coding 

  • Animation 

  • Raspberry Pi 

  • and more.

that can inform and inspire their educational and career path. 

On Day 2, high school students can walk through an exhibit hall to check out different colleges and universities, as well as a variety of companies to learn more about STEAM-related careers. 

What’s more, each year 3.2 million STEAM/STEM-related jobs go unfilled because no one is qualified to fill them.  


(Source:  Steam Magazine, 

10 Reasons to Consider a Career

in STEM Fields)

Online college fairs have become one of the only places where students can “meet” and talk with admissions representatives from a variety of schools. 


Source: The Elective: real-value-virtual-college-fairs



Get updated on current degree programs at colleges and universities and STEAM career opportunities available to students so you can better guide your students as they move from high school to their post-secondary journey.

Whether you have students interested in hard science, technology, engineering and math, or you have creatively-minded students looking for new modes of expression, STEM and/or STEAM curriculums can lead to incredible opportunities for students of all ages and personalities. 


The World Economic Forum suggests that a staggering 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t exist yet.

(Source: World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs and Skills)

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